Festetics Palace

Kastély u. 1., Keszthely, 8360 ,Hungary
Festetics Palace Festetics Palace is one of the popular Landmark & Historical Place located in Kastély u. 1. ,Keszthely listed under Local business in Keszthely , Museum in Keszthely , Park in Keszthely , Tours & Sightseeing in Keszthely ,

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The Festetics Palace is a Baroque palace located in the town of Keszthely, Zala, Hungary. The building now houses the Helikon Palace Museum.The palace's construction, started by Kristóf Festetics in 1745, lasted more than a century. During this time, the palace, built at first on the foundations of a ruined castle, was tripled in size in two subsequent building campaigns, most recently in the 1880s, to designs by Viktor Rumpelmayer, living in Vienna.When Rumpelmayer died in 1885, the work was carried to completion by architects Gusztáv Haas and Miksa Paschkisch. The result is one of the three largest country houses in Hungary.Early historyThe Counts Festetics were progressive landowners: Kristóf Festetics founded a hospital, Pál Festetics established a school in the town, and in 1797, Count György Festetics opened an agricultural college, the Georgikon, the first of its kind in Europe, which is still in operation as a faculty of the University of Pannonia.The palace's library wing was built by Count György Festetics in 1799—1801, with guidance from András Fischer of the Vienna Academy. Execution was entrusted to local artisans. The dining room (now a concert hall) has stucco decor by Mátyás Vathner from the town of Pápa. Stonework was executed by the local mason József Zitterbart, locksmithing by a local master craftsman, József Dobrolán, tiled stoves by József Pittermann and inlaid floors and woodwork by master carpenter János Kerbl, who was also responsible for the fittings in the library.

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